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Okay guys I've been gone a long while. I'm not even sure if people come to this page anymore. BUT I will write this anyway.
Three things I will say:
First, I have a new account: El-Luxe BUT this account is solely for art that I enjoy... or, people art. If you like my people art I suggest you go and check it out. (And if not, check it out anyway, I know you want to!)

Second, I will still use this account for Warriors and animals. Why do I need two accounts? Because I feel  like they are completly different subjects and people who want all warriors stuff may not care about my pitiful tries at humans. :)

Third, I honestly don't know why I am still so into Warriors. Because to be honest, I. Don't. Even. Like. Cats. So why do I still get so excited to read them, draw them, make Oc's of them?

#Ehem, my name is Leah and I am a shameless addict to Warriors.#
Thank you all so much for staying with me, because it really does mean a lot that people have liked my art. To those who watched me as I was away, I thank you dearly!

(Fourth??) I will be opening Commissions again, but if you would like people done, go to my other account.


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Commission3 by collie-rado
I will be the first to admit that I didn't do too well on this, I'm sorry Whispering-Starz !! I accidentally stared the line art with the wring brush, and it just kinda... eh.
But, I hope this is good?
Redstar and Echostar - @L0sel2SqAceDin0 & Whispering-Starz 
REFF sheet by collie-rado
REFF sheet
So this happened. Well I'm excited! I've actually fallen in love with character, she's been fun to design and write up.


Name: Ashbreeze
Gender: Female
Age: 27 moons (2 and 3 months)
Theme Song:  Downtown Girl -HCR
Voice actor: Skyler Samuels



Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice: N/A
Previous Apprentices: ----
Mentor -----



Breed: very well mixed breeds-none of special standout
Descended from: Graypool (Father's side)
Body build:
Fur: Short, thin, soft and easy to shed
Muscle: Not much muscle, mostly contained in forearms
Skeletal & Body Type: Scrawny and lanky, thin bones that make her a lightweight and easy balance talent
Pelt:Dark brown with lighter muzzle and legs. + White undereyes
Eye Color: Lake Blue



Bullet; Green Positive - Bullet; White Neutral - Bullet; Red Negative -

. Bullet; Green Friendly
- Ashbreeze is an outgoing she-cat, and she loves to talk about anything to whomever walks her way. Usually she finds small talk easy and she's not bothered with shallow conversations, as she believes that any connection to others is a way of friendship. She is also a fast talker, which makes awkward silences not so awkward, she always has something to say to everyone, opinion or facts about the weather. She finds any topic interesting and she is genuine in her interest in others lives.
. Bullet; Green Curious
- Her friendliness is also accompanied with a curiosity that CAN make others feel awkward. She doesn't have an off switch of seem to even understand that others may have a personal boundary, or secretes. She tends to ask the first questions that come to mind and never backtracks because her questions, obviously, need answers. Her curiousness mostly pertains to other cat's lives, but traveling, and adventure also pulls her heart away from her clan, always going into the deepest parts of her territory, or seeing how far she can go underwater without breathtaking. Her curiosity is a driving force in her life, because she questions most things in life, but never questions if she is being nosy, impractical, or dangerous.

. Bullet; Green Idealistic
- Ashbreeze is never one to scoff at an idea, never is it too crazy or too stupid that she wont support it and try. This could be good or bad. But she supports others in finding new ways to  live and to build. She also loves to imagian how to better her Clan, often with abstract ideas, that may not go over well, but she always is thinking at a fast rate of new things to try and test out. She loves finding what works and what doesn't. And typically doesn't get discouraged when they don't work. 

. Bullet; White Fancy/Overdone
- Everything Ashbreeze does, she does in style, and she likes to have appreciation for her works. She loves to be admired, and that is also the quickest way to her heart. If she puts her time into something, she will do it to her best abilities and make it the best you could ever ask for. She goes beyond and above what people expect her to do, simply because she knows she can, but she definitely wants praise for it, and if you don't, then she will draw back and go into a fit... but a fancy, overdone fit.

. Bullet; White Happy
-Of course she has emotions like every other cat, but from the moment of birth, Ashbreeze has always been happy. I wouldn't specify this as a good quality, because it's simply a form of her everyday expression. Some cats have RBF, but she has RNF (resting Nice face)

. Bullet; Red Bad loser
- One emotion she does not feel for others is glory, or pride. She wants to win. All the time. And if someone cheats, then beware, because Ashbreeze is not above cheating to win herself back her pride. She will also resort to tattling and whining when she believes her loss is unfair, which of course, it is. Losing is something she has been conditioned to never be happy with, her parents constantly reminded her that failure isn't an option. Which, didn't maker her angry with them, but instead fueled the fire of the pride so clearly stored in her heart. 

. Bullet; Red Careless
- Ashbreeze is a 100% type of girl, and she's also a go-go-go attitude. And in that behavior, she often finds herself tripping, hurting, saying stupid things and losing. She doesn't pay much attention to her surroundings, and can't seem to see past her own nose. She whats what she wants NOW and will get it NOW. This carelessness is also bad when she is in  fight, because she would probably stop to look at a shiny rock before attacking another cat. She does think of consequences, when she slows down, but her natural state is not going to let her mind catch up to her anytime soon.  

. Bullet; Red Big Talker
- While she does strive to reach to her limits, she often speaks and brags of how much she can do before contemplating if she just promised more than what she physically/emotionally CAN do. Before admitting that she can't do something, she will try to accomplish it, and will end up hurting herself and others because she wants to be able to live up to the words she says. She doesn't have much control over what she says, because she enjoys the attention and admiration of the ones who hear her say it.  


Ashbreeze has come a long way from the snarky, competitive and rude apprentice/kit she was. Though many of the quartiles are still noticeable / evolved, she knows how awful she used to be, and she knows that she never wants to go back to that. She strives to change herself from who she sued to be everyday.



Mother: Mintpuddle - Light brown she-cat with dark brown legs, blue eyes. (dead)
Father: Mountainash - Gray male with black tail and forepaws, amber eyes (dead)

Littermates || Sunwhiskers - pale orange she-cat with amber eyes (alive)
                        Blueleaves - spotted light gray she-cat with darker gray spots, blue eyes (alive)

Mate:---- Will be looking in THE FUTURE

Offspring || -- N/A



Likes ||

. keeping busy
. sun /sunbathing
. adventure
. patrolling
. teaching others
. debating
. affectionate attention
. meeting cats

Dislikes ||

. being bored
. being ignored
. self-centered cats
. being wrong
. losing

Looking for In Others (friend or mate):

Not currently interested in a relationship, but will look for lasing ones in the future

What she likes:
.Talkative cats
.Friendly competition
.Easy going personality

What turns her off:
.Quite and non argumentative cats
.Playing blame games/victims

Ashbreeze is an all around friendly cat, you can't do much to make her hate you, she tends to like everyone she meets.


    Water Hunting : 9/10
    Forest Hunting: 4/10

    Stealth: 7/10
    Speed : 1/10
    Climbing : 1/10
    Fighting : 5/10
    Clan Code : 10/10
   Medicine Knowledge : 3/10



Bullet; White Talked to
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Good friend
Bullet; Blue Best friend
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend for life
Bullet; Pink Crush/Attraction
Heart Love/Mate
Bullet; Purple Family
Bullet; Yellow Respect
Bullet; Red Discomfort/Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Loath/Despise
Bullet; Black Death wish

((Riverclan: ))

-- N/A

((Thunderclan: )

-- N/A

((Windclan: ))

-- N/A

((Shadowclan: ))

-- N/A

((Skyclan: ))

-- N/A

((Noneclans: ))

-- N/A



. Before birth

- Mintpuddle and Mountainash were some of Riverclans most admirable cats. They were amazing fighters, hunters and well respected by their clan mates. They were also pure Clan cat, which was rare in the new times.
 Mintpuddle was a fighter, and she loved to challenge any senior warrior. Mountainash, a senior warrior, loved to prove himself better than younger cats. When Mintpuddle was an apprentice, she had Mountainash for a mentor, and they butted heads constantly. But their friendship was one that they both relied on, because they both understood each other's desire to be the best, and to serve their clan with all that they had. When Mintpuddle became a warrior, the two 'perfect' Clan cats were always set up and pushed together by the other Clan members, because in a way, they were what everyone wanted to believe life was. Strong, powerful, loyal, loving, happy.
through the constant tips and giggles of the other cats, Mountianash and Mintpuddle eventually became mates, they almost seemed meant for each other, in a classic way that everyone wished they could have; even with the fond bickering that still went on into their elder years. Together they had one litter of all she-cats.

. Kit

- From day one Ashkit knew that she was important to the clan, she also knew that she was the daughter of respectable warriors. She knew that she would grow up to be just like them. She began to hold her parents in high respect since she first saw her father bring back the largest catch of fish to camp. As a kit, she was always the one wanting to impress the Clan, more so than her siblings. She wanted to shine, and usually was the one getting in trouble for having her kitten nose where it shouldn't be-like the time she tried to follow a patrol to a border skirmish... it didn't end well. But for the most part, her clan adored these kits, even if Ashkit gave them a rebellious name.
Her relationship with her sisters was anything but perfect though. To Ashkit, they seemed to not care about ranks, or respect, or anything much for that matter. She always teased them about their lazyness and laid back attitudes when the warriors brought back fighting stories. Sunkit was the first to get in a fight with Ashkit. They argued over how much Ashkit tried to be the center of attention, and with Bluekit backing up Sunkit, Ashkit finally had to lose a fight. And she hated that. While her attention seeking was true, she decided that her side was correct. From then on they had a hostile competition as siblings. Ashkit never was willing to admit a mistake, thinking only of how well she would exceed her sisters.

. Apprentice
Once Ashpaw became an apprentice, she quickly had to learn how to work with others, sadly, her competitive side had died down only a little. As she began training she was humbled by the most boring apprentice duties, that she often was assigned due to her outspoken mind. Although she had a mouth on her, she ended up being very good at her warrior duties, fighting and hunting soon became her favorite pastimes. During her training, she grew closer to her mother and father, and soon began to know them as the cats they were and not just her parents. She was always amazed to hear the stories of her father's battles with the other clans, to her, these were heroic actions that one day, she would have the opportunity to top. Her mother was always loving towards her children, though she always wanted them to do their best, and she never coddled them, to Ashpaw, this was her mother's way of telling her that she believed that hey could rise to become the greatest, and it only fueled her passion to be the star. Her sisters were closer to each other than to her during these times, they always avioded hunting and training with Ashbpaw, with no explanation  as to why. Ashpaw first experienced hurt when her she realized that her sisters intentionally left her out of sibling secrets and activities, she assumed all the worst of this behavior. She loved her sisters, but she didn't understand them, they seemed perfectly fine with being...mediocre. Why? They obviously had the blood of champions!! Despite her siblings curious hostility, she made friends easily with the other apprentices, and they all loved her for the funny and friendly cat she was.
As an apprentice, she tried her hardest in training, but she constantly was getting scolded for having her head in the clouds and pushing to unrealistic limits. She always wanted to outdo everyone else, and while this sometimes made things awkward with her peers, she brushed it off with the excuse of wanting to be able to best any other apprentice of the Clans.
In the last week of her apprenticehood, things were no better with her sisters, though she still held a strong bond with her parents. Right before she and her sisters were to be made into warriors, Sunpaw and Bluepaw announced to the clan something that would change Ashpaw's life and attitude: They wanted to leave Riverclan. This was a shock to everyone, and mostly to Ashpaw, who never even thought about cats living outside the clans, and never her own kin leaving! Apparently, the pair didn't like living with so many cats looking up to them, expecting them to be just like their parents. Proving themselves over and over for "pointless glory" didn't suit them. Riverclan surprisingly accepted their farewell, and allowed them a gracious exit, after receiving their earned warrior names. That day, Ashpaw was made a warrior by herself, and had the whole night to sit vigil to think about the unfortunate events. 

As a warrior, Ashbreeze began to think of new parts of life; she began to understand faith, happy, knowing oneself, rather than just being the best. But this did take a long time. The first part of her warriorhood was spent in a sad, hazy state. At first she doubted herself, her sisters actions had shaken her faith in what she built her life on, she began to question her own ways... had SHE been building a life based on her parents? Did she even HAVE her own, unique, life? Her sisters apparently had thought this of her. Suddenly the arguments that had seemed so unfair to her now made her heart pound with shame. She had been so caught up in living for the Clan that she never had thought about building lasting relationships, or her belief in Starclan, or much of anything!What made her happy? She had always thought that 'happy' was just what a warrior would be if he/she served their clan to their best potential.
The next five moons of warrior life went like this, doubting, fearing. She gave up on trying her best, trying to be like her parents, and instead settled for what was expected of average cats. Her parents moved into the elders den as she neared her sixth month, and this is when she turned to them for guidance. Since she always relied on their encouragement before, she could certainly use it now. Her mother lovingly told her that she was proud of her, and the warrior she always strove to be. Mountainash licked her ears comfortingly as he saw the distress in his daughters eyes. She will always remember what they said: they told her that how one chooses to live their life is a blessing, and also no one else's say.
"You let your sister's words into your head," Her mother said.
"You feel everything so strongly, and that too is a blessing, but you need to know when you're changing who you are for someone's opinions" 
"It takes a very special cat to work as hard as you do, Ashbreeze." Mountainash added. This is when she realized something. (also the time when the floods started in the forest) Ashbreeze realized her parents words were true. She was living a life based on what her sisters sudden words had caused her to feel, and she had hung to those feelings as if they were her own. She wasn't happy, but you know when she was happy? When she DID reach for the sky. She found joy in living her life for her clan, and being the Golden Girl of Riverclan. This was her, it wasn't her parents influence that made her smart, intelligent, hardworking, mouthy, and simply amazing... that was all her. She decided that, yes, she was amazing, and she would continue to show everyone what she was made of! She questioned her parents of why they hadn't intervened with her downward spiral sooner.
"Do you really think you would've listened to us then?" Mountainash chuckled. "You still have a strong will even when you're upset."
Ashbreeze then started to find joy in her everyday attitude again, she flounced her talents to the extreme and worked hard whenever she realized that someone else was better. But she held on to the lessons she learned. She knew that her pride had ruined the relationship she should've had with her sisters. She felt grief as she realized that she would probably never have the chance to make that go away... but she made a commitment to be better. Though they still surface at times. 
Sadly, this peace was set back by the sudden floods of her home. Her joy of working for her clan quickly turned to desperation of trying to keep them alive. When the leaders announced that they would be leaving behind their territory, panic welled in her chest; she was a cat of control and stability. The flooded rivers wrecking her home made her whole life UNstable. Yet again her world was tossed and turned, but this time, it was everyone's world.
Unfortunately, she never saw her sisters to say goodbye, Ashbreeze could only assume that they had made a large distance between themselves and the Clans; maybe somewhere where two cats could live together and begin families that Ashbreeze assumed they would have. Yet she still mourned them as she and her parents left the flooded remains of camp. When the clans crossed the territory lines, she prayed with what undeveloped faith she had in Starclan that they would all make it.
The journey took many lives, including her parents, though according to the medicine cats, they had died more of old age, since they indeed had their little once they were well into their own warrior-hood. This to Ashbreeze, was hard, and also to the whole of Riverclan. Their two admirable warriors and teachers were joining the ranks of what hopefully was left of their starry protectors.
Every night as the stars came out, Ashbreeze would drag her weary paws to a clear place, away from cats, and pray to her parents. She never really thought of Starclan, as they were just a bunch of dead cats. But now they were her parents, and her heart was poured out every night of the worries over her Clanmates, her impatience with the other Starclan warriors... everything was wrong, and even more wrong that THEY weren't there. Her eyes misted with liquid, and her blinked them all away for fear that someone would see her crying to the stars.. but maybe it was good, because those nights are what allowed her to continue serving her the Clans. She began to have some faith that maybe SOME of the starry cats were looking out for them.
As the moon-long  trek wore on, she tried to cheer up her Clanmates, giving them reasons to laugh and compete for fun, and that helped for a time, and the birth of the kits in Windclan also made the hearts of all light, though she herself tried to avoid the family, because it always reminded her of her own parents. 
The new territory was what one called a savior. This was it, wasn't it? The end of this wretched journey, and maybe some peace, and getting back to real life. Ashbreeze absolutely hated being left behind while the prophets were scoping out the new land. They had even let the ROUGE go, whatever his name was. But she waited, (impatiently) for them to return. When the posse returned, her paws hardly touched the ground as she followed with her clan mates to their new Camp. When the Forest proved to be lifebearing, relief filled the limbs of all. The moons that followed brought joy to Ashbreeze, and she always takes a minute every night to look up at the stars, and say a thank you to her parents, who she knew watched her Clan even after life, just like true warriors do. She definitely has a lot to live up to, but she also finds that she enjoys being her own kind of special too.

More to be added

---Where I want to go as I RP: I want her to become okay with not being the best. She needs to learn ho to be gracious and humble... maybe a few good arguments of those she loves to set her pride back? I also want her to mature a little bit and become able to see past herself and find herself someone to love. At this point, she only has been looking after herself, which i okay, but in the future, that is where I will be going in her development._____

RP EXAMPLE --- RP's Available = 0/2

--Ash's opinion on love-- (The cats in her are made up for this example)
Ashbreeze waited in a fork of the aspen tree, her tail tip twitching. Riverclan cats hardly ever climbed trees, but today was an exception. Today she was a spy! One branch above her, Sunnysteps was waiting as well. Okay, so, She might've lied, she wasn't spying, since that would lead on to think they were on Clan Leader orders... But instead, the two snoops were watching Dovestripe and Fuzzypelt as they took a sunshine walk in a patch of water flowers. The two had been friends with Ashbreeze since kit-hood. And now she was watching the two fall in love. YUCK!
Oh! here they were! Ashbreeze's shoulders tensed, a smile crept up her face as Fuzzypelts's yellow coat came into view over the river boulders. The two were almost heartbreaking to look at. Dovestripes face was one of total adoration, and Fuzzypelt was showing off his tracking skills by catching her a flower, at least, that's what Ashbreeze assumed was going on. She waited patiently as the pair crossed under her tree, and waited until their scent faded before jumping down to the soft dewy floor.
"Wow, those two really are at it!" Ashbreeze exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock.
"And that's bad?" Sunnysteps asked as he bounced down, less gracefully than Ashbreeze.
"Well," She began. "I thought Dovestripe was joking when she said that she and Fuzzypelt were getting close, I mean, those two don't make any sense." Sunnysteps titled his large head in question.
"I don't think love has to make sense." His tone was understandable and as always, non argumentative.
"Okay, but at has to make a little sense." Ashbreeze hinted, waiting for Sunnysteps to take a bit and get into the argument that they've already had an embarrassing amount of times.
"If you think that than all might be lost for you!" Sunnysteps laughed. Ashbreeze narrowed her eyes.
"She's my best friend, I don't think she should be making such rash decisions when she has much to give the clan yet!"
Ashbreeze pawed the ground in frustration as she eyed the place where the couple had disappeared.
"What, giving kits to the cklan is a waste of time?" Sunnysetps breathed, he stood a little closer to Ashbreeze, and she could hear his heart beat like the sound of bird wings. Ashbreeze snorted and pushed away.
"Yes, when you are a formidable cat like she is, let the she-cats that suck at hunting have the kits, they seem to love them." Ashbreeze rolled her eyes and stormed away. Her chest burned with annoyance at everyone's delirious daydream.
"Everyone expects everyone to fall in love as if it some magical, beautiful thing, which it isn't!" She said, not really meaning for Sunnysteps to hear. love is hardly ever perfect, she thought to herself. But in the back of her mind, her parents image floated. Her heart ached, they had died together only a moon ago. They must have loved each other deeply, purely. Ashbreeze thought. They had died only heartbeats from each other, laying side by side, the perfect love story. But that was it! Ashbreeze shook her head. There is only a slim chance of perfect love like that, and my parents got lucky. Her paws her aching from the tricky balancing act of standing ina tree for eternity. Stupid spying, it only confirmed what she feared. Her friend had gone and fallen in stupid, pointless, LOVE!

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