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Okay guys I've been gone a long while. I'm not even sure if people come to this page anymore. BUT I will write this anyway.
Three things I will say:
First, I have a new account: El-Luxe BUT this account is solely for art that I enjoy... or, people art. If you like my people art I suggest you go and check it out. (And if not, check it out anyway, I know you want to!)

Second, I will still use this account for Warriors and animals. Why do I need two accounts? Because I feel  like they are completly different subjects and people who want all warriors stuff may not care about my pitiful tries at humans. :)

Third, I honestly don't know why I am still so into Warriors. Because to be honest, I. Don't. Even. Like. Cats. So why do I still get so excited to read them, draw them, make Oc's of them?

#Ehem, my name is Leah and I am a shameless addict to Warriors.#
Thank you all so much for staying with me, because it really does mean a lot that people have liked my art. To those who watched me as I was away, I thank you dearly!

(Fourth??) I will be opening Commissions again, but if you would like people done, go to my other account.


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Hello! You can donate points for commissions here, or anything else. <3
I mostly use the points for anything that comes to mind I guess. If I get lucky a PM, or else I give them as prizes, adopts, or contests XD You get the picture!

Real Balence: 1,194

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Commission by collie-rado
Commission from awhile ago, I sincerely apologize... I accidentally deleted the journal and I don't have the name, so here is fingers crossed that you see it! XD
Another apology because my bamboo is screwing up, something with the driver... but point is, my lines and coloring is deff not on point. :p
On Three by collie-rado
On Three

AC for TBT

Ashbreeze grinned and mrrowed as she picked up the clean stones with her mouth again.
"Kits better not swallow em!" She said jokingly, but her heart was dancing knowing that Raggedleaf's spirits were higher, one thing she could not stand was when a fellow clan member was hurting.
At Raggedleaf's challenge, she puffed out her chest; though short legs, her speed wasn't all that bad.
"If you must!" The she-cat meowed. She then focused her attention of the direction backto camp, the path crissed and crossed with waterways and shrubby river-plants. Yes, this could be Riverclan's home.
"On three?"

Jaggedleaf's eyes lit up with a competitive fire and she crouched low to the ground. "On three," she agreed, voice slightly muffled by the stones held carefully in her mouth.

"One..." Her tail twitched.

"Two..." Her claws dug into the ground a little bit to give her something to push off of.

"Three!" And she shot off, taking two strides before she hit the water of the river.

Droplets sprayed into the air, turning bright white and gold in the light of the sun, casting rainbows in Jaggedleaf's wake. She wasn't much for endurance or speed, but maybe her quick jump into the water had gained her some time ahead of Ashbreeze. There was an air of exhilaration around her as she felt her paws sink into the soft mud under the water, almost sucking her down. It would be a real competition between the two of them, and Jaggedleaf was sure she was going to win.

Thanks to Juniperminthe for being so patient with my slow responses! This is an ongoing rp with her and I used it for our activity check, since Raggedleaf and Ashbreeze decided go go exploring themselves.
Cinder by collie-rado
New OC! Design by indesomniac
I'm not sure what I'll use her for yet, but I just adore her!

Name: Cinder
Warrior name: Cinderflare
Nicknames: Luna, Sin, Violet

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